Seattle Weekly

"Ka.lil is the kind of MC whose genuine nature and firm convictions land him near the top of my list on his own accord."

Ka.lil ​

Sunday Morning - Ka.lil

Ka.lil did most of his growing up in Seattle and Brooklyn respectively. The diverging imagery of these two cities illustrates the twin currents flowing through all of Ka.lil's work. A considered reverence for life that is often found in our more quiet moments is married with a riot of urgency extolling anyone living the music to do something right now. The contemplative aspect can be heard in well thought out lyrical expeditions to find the magic in everything. Heart break, funerals, friendship, love, awkward dates, immigration, patriotism, ego, fashion, and identity are all subjects Ka.lil touches upon with skill and emotion. All of this is showcased in his live show that has been described as a cross between church and the LA riots. In his own words, “It is my goal to exemplify the old saying that MC means move the crowd”.

Ka.lil is currently based in Vancouver and touring Canada with the Pharcyde and Slum Village.